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Patriots Weekend Muster Report



Thank you to all of the Minutemen that attended this weekends Patriots Operation in Three Points Arizona. We were lucky to have the heat minimized by passing storms. Although the humidity got up there a bit, and the rain missed us each day, the cool breezes that accompanied the storms were well worth the wait.

There were 80 Minutemen that worked the operation this weekend, 35 of them were new and the first time on our lines. They came not just from Arizona; but we had California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah, Kansas and Connecticut represented. Many traveled far and wide to come help secure our border. Thank you very much for all of your efforts and your dedication to our Cause.

The good news is that we only had 11 sightings! Friday and Saturday nights were quite with no activity to report. Sunday night shift sighted 11 illegal aliens that had slipped around the far East ends of our lines. Border Patrol arrived on scene within 20 minutes, found the trails and after a good hour-good not find them. BP then headed off to the north end of the ranch to cut a trail and see if they could pick up sign there. We did have 4 apprehensions by our trusty Admin Team! They were headed back to the ranch from Three Points Saturday AM when they saw 4 on the side of the road! USBP was contacted and made an immediate apprehension! Way to go Dotys! And you thought you were missing something on the lines!

It seems we have made an overwhelming impact on the 57000 acre ranch in Three Points. Last summer when we started operations there, hundreds of illegal aliens crossed that ranch daily. Just this past April, we had 1500 sightings with 700 apprehensions there. After speaking with the ranch owners and USBP agents in the field, we are being told that the coyotes are now skirting the main ranch and hugging the Western mountains, and also cutting across Rt 286. This proves what we have been telling the government all along; bodies on the border stop illegal immigration. MCDC AZ has made yet another impact in helping to slow the flow, and I cant tell you how appreciative the ranch owners are of our organization. By no means has illegal traffic stopped, it has only been curtailed over the past month. There can be many factors to the reasoning, but rest assured MCDC operations are at the top.

We had 2 Search & Rescue missions this weekend. Saturdays event operated in 2 locations with about 8 volunteers. We were accompanied by Fox News Live who gave us some great Live coverage Saturday AM nationwide. Our team went out into known lay up areas and heavy trails with water and first-aid gear prepared to help anyone in need. In the coming months, these teams will be designated with personel, training scheduled, and if you feel you are up to the challenge; please contact me via email.

Other media included a TV crew from Slovenia. (The Balkans, yes I too had to look at a map). Documentary work was done by the Trinity Broadcasting Network on Saturday. Sunday evening we hosted Tucsons Fox 11 Station for a report as well. We also had two Chiefs of Police joining us for the weekend, becoming Minutemen. One is even running for Sheriff in Pinal County Arizona. We hope you will join us in supporting Bob Ingulli for Sheriff there.

Ill take a moment to welcome our new Arizona Training Officer, Tom Collinson. Tom comes to us with an experienced background in corporate training in a classroom setting. He led the 3 training classes for us this weekend. He will also be helping in recruiting efforts in Arizona. Tim is also an Original Minuteman and resides in the Phoenix area. Welcome aboard Tom!

Our next event is the weekend of August 11th. We are gearing up operations for our 30 day mission in October. Please come back and join with us that weekend. By then, we are likely to have some new lines to work. Please stay tuned to the Arizona Page on the website for upcoming protests and events. Thanks again for attending this weekends operations!

Semper Vigilans,

Stacey O'Connell
AZ State Director

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life".
-John F. Kennedy

Arizona Contact Info

MCDC of Arizona

State Director
Lucy Garza
Phone 520 559-4095

Tucson Chapter

Chapter Director

Chapter Committee to Be Announced

520 559-4095

Phoenix Chapter

Chapter Director/Media Liaison
Phone: 520-829-3112
Chapter Chairman

To be announced

Lake Havasu Chapter

Chapter Director
To Be Announced

Prescott Chapter

Chapter Director
Mel Oliverson
Phone: 928-445-1930
Email: melosart@hotmail.com

Green Valley Chapter

Chapter Director
To Be Announced

Cochise County Chapter

Chapter Director
Bob Knobloch
Phone: 520-439-0423
Email: knobloch98@msn.com

La Paz County

Chapter Director
Rick Roland
928 916-2055

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