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Arizona Chapter Update


I wanted to take a few moments and update the members of the Arizona Chapter with what's been going on in our State. Many of you reading this tonight are new Minutemen and we've not yet had the chance to have you at a border watch event. We are looking forward to meeting you and I thank you for becoming an MCDC Minuteman.

You'll each be happy to know that over 800 Minuteman ID Cards have been mailed to their owners over the past 2 weeks alone. This has been a long time coming as the backlog has been building up. The HQ office continues to get stronger by the week, and much more organized. For those that have been waiting for theirs, I can tell you with confidence...its in the mail! For those that have just recently joined, it can take about 6 weeks for you to get yours.

Many of you are aware of the Day Labor Protest rallies that have been taking place in Mesa for the past 5 months. They are held on Friday mornings. If you are interested in taking a stand there and showing your disgust, please contact PJ Omalley at pjomal@aol.com . He will be happy to have you and he can provide you with the details of locations and times to meet.

Election season is coming upon us quickly. In September, MCDC AZ will be taking to protesting in a big way once more. Every Saturday in September, MCDC AZ will be protesting a large Day Labor Site in Mesa. Our focus will be on the local and state governments. We will hold the mayors office directly responsible for what goes on in Mesa, and shame the national/state leadership that vow to allow illegal immigration as part of American society. We will also be there to show support for those that we want elected in Arizona. I will be expecting a large turn-out for these Saturday morning protests, so make your plans accordingly. For those that can't get to the border to take a post, this is your opportunity to show your support and defend our Cause. I will email information on this activity mid-August.

Our support team in Arizona is the strongest its ever been. As with every growing organization, we learn as we go. Today, I'm happy to say that we have 7 members of the admin team that have dedicated themselves to admins at border watch events, and back home with vetting and other items as well. We've also built a strong Comms section that is ready to work the wee hours of our shifts at the border. Between my local Chapter Leaders and veteran line leaders, we hold a strong line of posts when we take to the border. I am thankful to be surrounded by such an organized and patriotic group of dedicated Minuteman volunteers. We continue to strive to be the top-notch Minuteman Chapter nationwide.

Our next border watch mission is coming upon us fast. We go to Three Points again Friday Aug 11th, ending Sunday at 7AM on the 13th. Again, it will be night-shifts only due to the heat. At this event I will introduce to you MCDC AZ Search & Rescue Teams and put them into operation. I will release further info on this event next week.

The MCDC AZ Search & Rescue Team training will commence this weekend. You'll be proud to know that I have 20 Minutemen that have volunteered for this duty. Each member will go through many long hours of training this weekend to include GPS Land Navigational Skills (day/night course), CPR/1st Aid, Gun Safety, and become nationally certified by the American Red Cross and the National Search/Rescue Organization Level 3 certified. This class cycle is closed for volunteers for the remainder of the year, our next SR Training Classes will be given in 2007. Good luck to those hearty Minutemen Volunteers this weekend.........get plenty of rest before hand......just be aware of what your training schedule has NOT included!

FENCE: MCDC is still awaiting the permit process from Cochise County. It is expected that the next fence building event may be in August. The materials have been produced and we are expecting them shortly.

Many of you tonight are following what appears to some as WW3 in the Middle East. As the Israeli Army goes to defend her nation, please keep them in your prayers. I was following some of the reporting tonight on Fox News and learned that this year, 6 Hezzbella members were caught crossing into the United States from Mexico. Now, its highly doubtful that they were going AWOL from their terror cells. This is the time in our nations history that Americans need to be ever vigilant.

To help you stay more informed, please stay tuned weekly to www.minutemanhq.com . There you can have instant access to national and local events and news on illegal immigration. Being informed is only half the battle.

Thank you for your dedication and your vigilance. I hope to be seeing you on the border soon.

Semper Vigilans,

Stacey O'Connell
AZ State Director

Arizona Contact Info

MCDC of Arizona

State Director
Lucy Garza
Phone 520 559-4095

Tucson Chapter

Chapter Director

Chapter Committee to Be Announced

520 559-4095

Phoenix Chapter

Chapter Director/Media Liaison
Phone: 520-829-3112
Chapter Chairman

To be announced

Lake Havasu Chapter

Chapter Director
To Be Announced

Prescott Chapter

Chapter Director
Mel Oliverson
Phone: 928-445-1930
Email: melosart@hotmail.com

Green Valley Chapter

Chapter Director
To Be Announced

Cochise County Chapter

Chapter Director
Bob Knobloch
Phone: 520-439-0423
Email: knobloch98@msn.com

La Paz County

Chapter Director
Rick Roland
928 916-2055

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