National Citizens Neighborhood Watch - Securing the American Border
. Mission: To secure United States borders and coastal boundaries against
unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Free The Border Patrol Day

Join The American Freedom Riders and Friends Protest The The Amnesty Agenda of President George Bush And The Malicious Prosecution of Agents Ramos and Compean For Protecting America's Borders!

Saturday, January 13th, 11am to 1pm

Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse
401 West Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona

What to Bring:
Signs, Megaphones, Energy

Who to Bring:
Patriots With an Attitude

The U.S. Justice Department Has Abandoned America's Border Patrol Agents

Agents Ramos and Compean Report To Prison On The Following Thursday - A 12 Year Sentence For Trying to Arrest an Illegal Alien Drug Smuggler

A 12 Year Prison Sentence for Doing Their Job!

Our Federal Government Gives The Illegal Alien Criminals Amnesty And Locks Up The Border Patrol!

Come Protest Loudly With Us on January 13, 2007
All Patriots Welcome
Stand Beside The American Freedom Riders for Justice

Free Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean
Lock Up The Amnesty Pushing Politicians Instead!

No Amnesty!
Enforce Our Laws!
Secure Our Borders!
Free Agents Ramos and Compean!

Arizona Contact Info

MCDC of Arizona

State Director
Lucy Garza
Phone 520 559-4095

Tucson Chapter

Chapter Director

Chapter Committee to Be Announced

520 559-4095

Phoenix Chapter

Chapter Director/Media Liaison
Phone: 520-829-3112
Chapter Chairman

To be announced

Lake Havasu Chapter

Chapter Director
To Be Announced

Prescott Chapter

Chapter Director
Mel Oliverson
Phone: 928-445-1930
Email: melosart@hotmail.com

Green Valley Chapter

Chapter Director
To Be Announced

Cochise County Chapter

Chapter Director
Bob Knobloch
Phone: 520-439-0423
Email: knobloch98@msn.com

La Paz County

Chapter Director
Rick Roland
928 916-2055

 Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project and MinutemanHQ.com are projects of Declaration Alliance (DA) -- a public policy and issues advocacy organization
that aggressively addresses the intensifying assaults that the American Republic continues to endure at home, and abroad.
Declaration Alliance is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.

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