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Personal profit trumps national security and rule of law

We worked hard to support State Representative Russell Pearce in getting our employer sanction bill passed. Governor Napolitano signed it, but beware the fork tongued snakes, those who prefer the status quo, meaning they profit off the breaking of federal laws are all prepared to stop this legislation in any way they can.

As an executive member of the L.A.W. and S.O.L.E. ballot initiatives (www.azgrassroots.com ) I say we keep our eye firmly focused on the goal -please keep collecting those signatures and stay committed to ensuring we put the propositions to the vote of the people!

Not only do we need to continue to collect signatures to support the Legal Arizona Workers initiative, we must bring more attention to it's complimentary initiative -we must take the handcuffs off law enforcement, abolish all sanctuary laws and begin removing more criminals from our community.

Illegals are already leaving the state and with the passing of Support Our Law Enforcement initiative the criminals will also be on the run.

I urge all Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers nationwide to call in protest of the despicable business owners mentioned below. I urge all MCDC volunteers in Arizona to get out there and collect those signatures! Also all MCDC volunteers in Arizona should contact the businesses listed below and inform them that you will boycott their establishments - we need a statewide boycott of the Chamber of Commerce and any business that comes out in opposition to abiding by the laws that we have passed.

Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps


This from http://seeingredaz.wordpress.com/

Personal profit trumps national security and rule of law

In an above-the-fold article titled, Business elite fight hiring law, today’s Arizona Republic lauds the affluent notables mounting a “counterattack” against the employer sanctions law–which was signed by the governor July 2, 2007. Claiming implementation would “devastate” the economy, the mega-wealthy business owners have joined forces in the formation of a coalition, Wake Up Arizona!

These are the leading Hall of Shamers who place personal profit above the rule of law and America’s national security and sovereignty: 

Marion “Mac” Magruder, statewide McDonald’s franchiser

Jim Click, Tucson auto dealer 

Jerry Colangelo, former CEO of the Phoenix Suns

Steve Hilton, Meritage Homes CEO 

This deplorable contingent, soon to be joined by the left-of-center Arizona Chamber of Commerce, has announced plans to target Republican state lawmakers who were instrumental in guiding the tough new employer sanctions law to passage. The group has announced plans to form a political action committee (PAC) with the aim of unseating Rep. Russell Pearce (R - Dist.18) and House Speaker Jim Weiers (R Dist. 10), along with other patriotic Republicans, in the upcoming election cycle.

Don Goldwater, former gubernatorial candidate, now leading the Legal Arizona Worker’s Act, responded to the scheme. “The voter, I think, knows exactly what’s going on with businesses who are trying scare tactics,” he said. Goldwater pointed to the safeguards legitimate businesses have in using a federal database to confirm the legality of new hires. The operative word is “knowingly,” as in knowingly hiring those in this country illegally.

Before affixing their signatures to the Declaration of Independence, the Founders included this memorable line:

–And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. 

Those brave and patriotic men must be rolling in their graves at the thought that personal profiteering trumps national interests with these business “leaders. 

For shame!


From Representative Russell Pearce:

I understand there was a reference on KFYI Radio that I sent a letter to the Governor stating that we would not go forward with the initiative if she signed the bill. Let me make it perfectly clear, as I have in testimony before several committees. Like I have said from the start, it will not be my decision alone, we had thousands of Patriotic volunteers and an executive committee that would need to be consulted and make that decision. Thousands of signatures have been collected. Had it not been for our volunteers and this initiative this bill would not have been kept in tact “tough but fair” and the Gov. would not have signed it. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we are where we are today on the critical piece of legislation. It is a good bill and I prefer the legislative process, however if they will not keep their promise we will give them the initiative and that they cannot change.

However, since then she did sign it, but has made statements of water down the bill, the AZ Chamber is threatening a law suit to stop the initiative. I do not believe we have any choice but to continue with the initiative. I do believe it is a good bill and if allowed to work would do what we want. In fact it is a great bill with everything we wanted other than it is a two strike system, but a good two strike system.

They are the ones not willing to allow a tough but fair piece of legislation work and do the job it is intended and that is stop illegal employers and the lure of illegal aliens, this bill will downsize Arizona, reduce the burden on taxpayers, reduce crime, free up jobs for Americans, and allow a honest competitive environment to take place with decent wages for Americans to make a livable wage.

Attached is the letter to the Governor. Here is the sentence the Guv must be taking out of context.

In conclusion, some employers and business organizations have either refused to work with us on the bill in any meaningful way or have made demands that would render any employer sanctions meaningless. Constant repetition of the mantra “it’s a federal issue” does not constitute meaningful participation in the legislative process. We made good faith efforts to address all the relevant issues brought before us. Notwithstanding all our efforts, we understand that no bill is perfect and changes may be needed as the bill is implemented. For that reason, we believe that dealing with this issue through the legislative process is preferable to the initiative process. The bill establishes a study committee consisting of legislators and employers to review the implementation of the bill.

Representative Russell Pearce


And, from Don Goldwater:

Sounds to me like the old story of if you can't fight 'em make them fight themselves! I met with Representative Pearce last night and I know that he is working hard for L.A.W. and S.O.L.E.If you really want to see division check out Matt Benson's story tomorrow (July 13, 2007) in the RAG about the initiative being filed by Mac Magruder and Jim Click.

For more information on the L.A.W. and S.O.L.E. initiatives please visit our website http://www.azgrassroots.com or contact Willa Key at 602-748-4551.

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