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When are the citizens of Green Valley and the Santa Cruz Valley going to become outraged enough to demand immediate action concerning the illegal alien problem? Will it require assaults, murder, robbery, reckless manslaughter or what?

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I am absolutely baffled by the apathy, in this community, concerning the daily occurrence of illegal aliens and drug smugglers traveling through our neighborhoods and thoroughfares with reckless abandon. You see it occur and do nothing about it!

Tuesday morning, April 8th, a Ford Explorer loaded with illegal aliens was racing through San Ignacio Vistas, the driver lost control and the vehicle crashed into a home. The car careened for nearly one-hundred yards before coming to rest at the rear of the house. There were residents present at the time. The illegal aliens did not check with the occupants of the house to see if their reckless driving had caused injury.

Reportedly, three vehicle occupants were captured by BP while the remainder escaped. The vehicle was registered in Phoenix but was, apparently, an “open ownership” meaning it was purchased from a private party for cash and not registered in the new owner’s name. Most of these I.A. transportation vehicles are either non registered or stolen.

According to an employee of Southwest Gas Company who arrived on scene, the homeowner and neighbors are fortunate that an explosion did not occur. Both the electrical box and gas metering devise were severely damaged, causing natural gas to leak in an area of exposed electrical wires.

The damage to the house was major and the cost of repair will be significant. Of course, there will not be any auto insurance to pay the damage or a driver that can be held accountable.

Apparently, the answer to the question raised in the first paragraph is, it will become a problem to local residents when it affects each of you personally and directly.

As I discussed this matter with homeowners in the area, the question asked of me was what we can do?

For starters, we can contact our Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, and demand that action be taken, immediately. Nothing short of that is acceptable. She seemed to be concerned about the “waivers” exercised by HLS. Shouldn’t Ms. Giffords and other politicians become concerned about the erosion of quality of life and immediate safety for her constituents now? She is our direct link to the Nation’s Capitol.

Then, contact State and County representatives with a demand for law enforcement to become involved in the apprehension of illegal aliens. It is not just a federal law enforcement problem, it is a serious local problem. It is about the rule of law.

Incidentally, for you irresponsible Pollyannas who believe these I.A.s are just poor people looking for a better life, wake up. They are criminals who have broken the law and could have killed or seriously injured your neighbors and mine. Think about that the next time you aid and abet their activity. Think about that when you and your ilk, sanctimoniously, select who you will treat humanely while ignoring your fellow citizens. And, while you are at it, take up a collection to help this unfortunate homeowner pay for the damage to their home.

Lest any reader is uncertain about my feelings, I am mad as hell and I want this illegal activity stopped now!

Don Severe, Green Valley, AZ

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