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Deputy Talks After Being Attacked By Mob While Responding To Complaint


LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -- Five men, including four illegal immigrants have been caught after cops say they attacked a Lake County deputy. It happened on Long Acres Road in Sorrento, just off State Road 46, Sunday night.

Lake County sheriff's deputies used their helicopter to search the area in an attempt to find the men who beat up Deputy Cliff McMennamy.

"You wouldn't think a noise complaint would generate something like that," the deputy told Eyewitness News in an interview over the phone Monday morning.

McMennamy said he was checking out a complaint of a loud party when 35-year-old Miguel Gomez threw a beer bottle at his car. McMennamy chased him down and hit him with a taser. The deputy said he was then surrounded.

McMennamy was punched above his right eye, hit with a beer bottle and even kicked in the jaw.

"While it was in progress, my worst fear was one of them having a weapon, a gun or a knife," he said.

Before they took his taser and bullets, McMennamy tried to radio for help, but it didn't get reception.

Amazingly, he used his cell phone to call while he fought away the attackers. The Lake County Sheriff's Office says their motivation was murder; they were trying to pull the gun from his holster.

"This is a bad situation that could have been worse," said Sgt. John Herrell, Lake County Sheriff's Office.

The 27-year-old deputy has been a member of the sheriff's office for two years. He said he'll be back to work on Wednesday.

"It won't be hard. I wouldn't trade this job for the world," he said.

Deputies are still looking for seven other men involved in the attack. Four of the five men they've caught are going to be deported since they were in the country illegally.

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