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Contact Missouri legislators

Organizations in Missouri including the MCDC have slowed down the confirmation of the Governor's candidate to Director of Economic Development. We need to keep it up. The candidate, Linda Martinez, is a lawyer and is a well-known illegal alien advocate who defended the businesses and landlords that hired and housed illegals in Valley Park, MO. She coordinated these efforts against the rule of law with the ACLU and MALDEF. This is why Chris Simcox and some of the rest of us went to Valley Park 2 years ago - to help raise funds for the City's legal defense fund.

We have caused the vote to be delayed twice. The senators are irritated and will definitely vote on Tuesday morning, the 10th we are told.

We need to be calling the Missouri Governor's office and the Senate switchboard, it could show strength letting them know that the whole United States is watching them and especially Missourians.

Please continue to contact your Senator first and then as many as you can after that. Also, contact the Governor at 1-573-751-3222 and ask him to give us a new candidate, who is qualified AND who has belief system which isn't counter to our state and fed laws on immigration

If you are not sure who their senator is, you can find out by entering their 9 digit zip code at the Senate home page at www.senate.mo.gov or call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-573-751-2000 and ask for the Senator by name and they will connect them to the right office.

In addition don't forget emails. When you e-mail, the legislator can actually read and sometimes at least answer or call you. To email the senators you can simply type in http://www.senate.mo.gov/webmail/mail_form.aspx You get a page where you can just click on the senators name and type your name etc. and then write a message. It is fast and you have room to write whatever you want.

Ed Hayes
Missouri and Kansas Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
913 620 0771

Missouri Contact Info

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