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Extremist Nativist -- Show Me Style
By: Wendell A. Kerr, Springfield, Mo.

No matter how expertly the News-Leader editorial board twists their own motives and those of the Minutemen, the members of the Ozarks Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MMCDC) are right to expect local authorities to confront " local problems" on all fronts. This is so even when/ if the primary responsibility for their resolution rests with the Federal government.

I refer to statements contained in the News -Leader "Our Voices" column of May 25.

Councilman Doug Burlison put forward the idea that, perhaps through the judicious use of local ordanances, the problem of law breaking on the part of the nation's 12 plus million illegal aliens could be more quickly and effectively addressed. Conucilman Burlison is right on target with this proposal.

The 12 million number has been static for at least six years as it is being used by the government and news media. Only very recently has the figure 12 to 20 million been used to number the lawbreaker/illegal aliens.

It is the personal opinion of this writer that the actual figure for this group of law flaunters is closer to 35 to 40 million.

Twist is the objective of the open borders crowd and twist they do. Here are a few obvious examples of "the big twist" as they appeared in the News-Leader's "our voice " column on May 25:

  • "when it ( the MMCDC) opposed a Chamber of Commerce program to reach out to local Hispanics." According to the May 25 editorial, "The chamber and the Missouri Bar offered their services to members of the local Hispanic community to teach them about various legal issues." The Minutemen did not oppose this program but only wanted to sit in on the program to learn first hand what the Chamber's motives for conducting the seminar were. They were not allowed to sit in on the seminar as unofficial observers. When has the Chanber of Commerce or the Missouri Bar Association offered to teach "citizens and legal immigrants" about "various legal issues" raised by the huge influx of illigal aliens to Southwest Missouri? Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly MMCDC chapter meeting held every second Tuesday at the Library Center South.
  • "it is bad to take local action because the debate over illegal immigration belongs in the federal arena. " In other words folks, just because you are the most directly affected doesn't give you the right to seek redress through local government action. Only "big brother in Washington" is wise enough to "ignore the problem for another 20 years". Come on News -Leader editorial board, get real! The Constitution of the United States does not say that "we the people" cannot become directly involved in any and all debates that affect our lives. To be specific, we are required to protect and defend the United States and the Constitution against "all enemies, foreign and domestic."
  • "it is bad because the city's police force can't afford to enforce the laws on the books , let alone new ones." What are we saying here? Just because someone has not had the foresight to build and fund a police force large enough to meet the legitimate needs of the citizenry we just accept lawlessness as a permanent condition to be acepted as normal? Do local police officers really not want to be shoved into the intense illegal immigration discussion? Maybe we should ask them personally.
  • " And it's a bad Idea because the source of the proposal is a group that lacks credibility." Think about our hero of the "fake memo" , Dan Rather, a highly respected member of the nation's press corps until he and Mary Mapes threw mud all over GW Bush in the '04 election campaign. Is that the brand of credability the Minutemen don't have? Who lacks credability?
  • "it's a bad idea because: The minutemen have grabbed the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center (the Southern Poverty who?), which tracks hate groupes of all sizes and colors. The MInutemen aren't a hate group (thanks a lot SPLC) , but a new class of what the SPLC calls 'EXTREMIST NATIVEST' (EN) groups. " I suppost that being an American citizen , or legal immigrant who wants the government to enforce the laws of the land , as reqired by the Constitution, makes one a "Extremist Nativest"?!!
  • I could add a few thousand more words to this "Extremist Nativest" manifesto but will resist the temptaion.

Any reader with a discerning eye will be able to see through such News-Leader comments as : " Franiak criticized Hispanic groups of America for not assimilating ; " It doesn't take a leap of faith to understand why groups such as the Minutemen concern the SPLC, which notes that the rise of the Minutemen coincides with a rise in hate groups"; "At best the Minutemen are vigilantes who cover themselves with a veil of secrecy"; "we suggest the influence of the group, particularly on a local basis, should be quite limited."

Our nation's well known motto "from many one" contains more than a "hint" that all legal immigrants are expected to assimilate into the American culture. The pledge of allegiance is specific when it says "one nation under God, indivisible"!

Have the Minutemen been clamoring for attention? You bet, and even the naysayers are crediting the MMCDC with bringing effective nationwide attention to the serious problem of illegal immigration.

Will the Minutemen take the advice of the News-Leader Editorial Board and limit their local influence "on a local basis? THEY WISH!

Were the Minutemen of 1775 who fought so valliantly with Washington's Continental Army thought of as patriots and heros or as "just a band of vigilanties" meddling in local affairs? Or perhaps "Extremist Nativest" would have better described their obnoxious behavior toward the British Crown in persuit of and in defense of Liberty. As Patrick Henry was wont to say: "Give Me Liberty or give me death!" God Bless America!

This editorial was published in the News-Leader of Springfield, MO

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