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Minutemen hold public meeting Tuesday

By: Holly Kramer, Staff writer

Illegal immigration must stop, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Kansas Director Ed Hayes said.

His group met at American Legion Dwight Cowles Post, 7500 W. 75th St., to discuss illegal immigration Tuesday.

“This is not about color, race or any of that,” Hayes said. “This is about the rule of law and illegals.”

Hayes showed Normandy invasion photos while saying soldiers fought for U.S. security.

“I’ve watched clips of this soldier on the beach in Normandy and he must have fallen 1,000 times,” Hayes said. “What he gave his life for wasn’t open borders in America. None of these guys gave their lives for open borders in America. They gave their life for the security of America and our freedom, and not politicians that do not carry out their oath of office.”

The American Legion is not affiliated with the Minuteman group, but Hayes said they share some views on illegal immigration.

“Go to the American Legion Web site,” Hayes said “The American Legion put a book out and the points in the book are the points I’m making tonight. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. It says seal the borders, national security, find and arrest landlords and employers who have hired or rent to illegals, and English should be the only language.”

Former Kansas City, Mo., Parks Board member Frances Semler attended the meeting but did not speak. She lost her city post for belonging to the Minuteman group.

Hayes said he is thrilled more than 500 people attended the Minuteman conference in Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 8. He said there is still work to be done.

“Why do we American patriots have to go out on our own?” Hayes said. “We’re called all different names, including by our president. We the people are the only ones doing anything about it.”

Money drives illegal immigrants, he said.

“People that are pro-illegal alien – that includes the chamber of commerce, most big organizations and big business, including immigration attorneys – look at our goals, our agenda. Look at their agenda; it’s like that movie saying, ‘Follow the money,’” Hayes said.

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