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Kansas and Missouri MCDC on Arizona Border Watch

An update on the goings on here in Kansas and Missouri from your States Director:

First off we lost one of our dedicated members, he died while on the border over a week ago. Robert Baker who sent me information via emails daily died while doing what he felt was his duty to his country, same as some of the rest of us. Bob was on his third border watch when he died in his vehicle in California. I never met Bob but I had talked to him on several occasions via telephone and he and I knew we were both on the same page. Bob's life as I know it was spent in public service, in addition to being a WWII Veteran he
had been a Kansas Deputy Sheriff and a retired Judge, an American Patriot and a true asset to the MCDC organization. Already he is missed by me, I no longer get his emails, information and advice! God bless Bob, I truly miss you, your help and your presence. We grieve along with your family who we know miss you dearly!

Last week there were no less than five (5) MCDC members from Kansas and Missouri at the Kings Anvil Ranch for border watch activities. Three were there for the SAR training which was completed with passing grades. It was a three day event and at least 1.5 days of that were tough for even a young man. Needless to say none of us are young but we prevailed or at least we passed the course they say. I have a great respect for the folks that put this on as the training is extensive and each of the instructors are very proficient in their part of the program. We all camped at the Ranch with the exception of one "Candy Ass" who stayed at a hotel but he/she said next time he/she would camp with the rest of us. And you know who you are, he/she! As far as I know I am the only one from our group that had hand to hand combat with the Cactus more than once and with more than one cactus and I have many many many many many many marks to prove that, not to be proud of it but I will tell it like it is, me and the cactus in the desert at night........................the Cactus wins!

In the past month we have been concentrating on the legislature in both Kansas and Missouri, Kansas is a loss, no fault of the Patriotic Senators and Reps who tried
but for now Missouri looks better, we will see. Other recent meetings held were at Kearney and Princeton Missouri and we thank Mark J and Rod W for their help on these events. We also want to thank Rod W for his donation towards the projector that we will use in upcoming meetings and events. Rod saw the need and paid the first $ 500 for the projector.

We will have a booth at the Constitution Party Convention in Kansas City starting on the 24th of this month and we have the upcoming meeting at Topeka, Kansas on the 28th of this Month so if you are in the areas come and bring your like minded friends for their education of the facts we are dealing with to both events.

Ed Hayes
Kansas and Missouri State Director
Heart of America Chapter Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
913 620 0771

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